Shalom School’s Parent-Teacher-Friends (PTF) provides support and resources to benefit the educational growth of Shalom School students, works to develop a cooperative working relationship between Shalom School parents and staff, and fosters and encourages community through parent participation. All Shalom School families are part of the PTF, and the PTF Board invites all families to participate in PTF meetings and all of our great events. Shalom School families can also earn parent volunteer hours by volunteering to help plan and carry out PTF events. Contact Hester Joelson, PTF President, at [email protected] for more information about the PTF and volunteer opportunities.


Haifa level ($54)

Bar-or Family

Becker Family

Blackmon Family

Blau Family

Brogan Family

Lane Family

Naim Family

Recht Colussy Family

Shapiro Family

Van Laningham Family

Tel Aviv level ($75)

Osorio Family

Jerusalem level ($118)

Fahn Family

Gumpert Family

Hadwen Law Firm

Kamras Family

Joelson Family

Kass Family

Levin-Robinson Family

Morkoch Family

Nanigian Family

Polage Family

Rabinovich Family

Thomas Thaler Family

Zeff Family

Upcoming PTF Meetings*

May 22, 2017 at 8:10 am

* ALL PTF Meetings take place in the Shalom School Library

2016-2017 PTF Board

Hester Joelson, President

Emily Hannon, ECE Vice President

Davita Levin-Robinson, PK-6 Vice President

Rikki Kass, Secretary

Jared Thaler, Treasurer

Kelli Brogan, Immediate Past President

Jilian Bar-or, Staff Liason